Compliance hotline

Our group set up a compliance hotline in May 2004 to find out problems related to compliance as quickly as possible and to solve them properly. The Compliance Promotion Department receives information from the hotline users, then the Compliance and Risk Management Division decides how to proceed with the handling of the matter that it has been informed about, and the Compliance Promotion Department later provides feedback to the user of the hotline who provided the information. This flow is shown in the following figure. Users of the hotline are completely protected.

Flow of receiving information

Only a few cases a year were reported through the compliance hot line soon after setting up it. But more than twenty cases a year have been reported since fiscal 2006 as a result of the efforts from fiscal 2006 to raise the awareness of hotline system. 27 cases were reported in fiscal 2008 alone. We dealt with and solved the problems that the hotline users informed of without delay.