Yamanashi Hitachi Construction Machinery won the highest award of social business award

As a company meeting the below examination standard, Yamanashi Hitachi Construction Machinery won the highest award of the 4th social business award sponsored by Social Innovation Japan, an incorporated NPO, and supported by the Ministry of the Environment on September 4.

Examination Standard

  1. Sociality : Whether is the mission sociality of a party clear and supported by stakeholders or not?
  2. Business performance : Whether is the business of a party profitable or not, and is the management system of a party established or not?
  3. Innovation : Whether does a party develop an innovative address and system, and give an impact to society?

Commemorative picture at the awarding ceremony
Mr. Amemiya, president of Yamanashi
Hitachi Construction Machinery on the first
from the left of the front row

The award was established in 2006 to commend excellent activities of innovative social business. They won social business award, one of 4 kinds of awards, which commends the business performed as part of CSR activities. Their activities were highly appreciated and they won the highest award because their efforts to the demining activity by developing demining equipment is the solution of the international address by making use of manufacturing technology with Japanese taste and they continued to address in terms of both hardware and software, including not only demining the minefield, but also supporting local people to become independent through the use of clearance land.