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Model Cummins QSK23
Type Water-cooled, 4-cycle, 6-cylinder in line, turbo-charged direct injection chamber-type diesel engine.
Rated power DIN 6271,net 538 kW (731 PS) at 1 650 min-1 (rpm)
Rated power SAE J1349,net 538 kW (721 HP) at 1 650 min-1 (rpm)
Rated power SAE J1995, gross 567 kW (760 HP) at 1 650 min-1 (rpm)
Maximum torque 3 326 Nm (339 kgf m, 2 453lbf ft) at 1 200 min-1 (rpm)
Piston displacement 23.15 L (1 412 n3)
Bore and stroke 170 mm x 170 mm
(6.7" x 6.7")
Starting system 24 V electric motor
Batteries 2 x 12 V , 2 x 220 AH


Hitachi's ETS (Electronic Total control System) can achieve maximum job efficiency by reducing fuel consumption and noise levels, while maximizing productivity through the optimization of engine-pump functions with excellent controllability increasingfunctions with excellent controllability increasing operator comfort.

E-P Control (Computer-aided Engine-Pump Control system) Main pumps regulated by electric engine speed sensing control system. Optimum operation mode selectable among 3 power modes depending on type of job.
OHS (Optimum Hydraulic System) assures fully independent and combined operations.  
FPS (Fuel-saving Pump System)  
Auto-idling system  
Quick-auto-idling system  
High-pressure 2-speed travel system for high traction force and travel speed.  
Forced-cooling pump drive system  
TIG (Tungsten Insert Gas) welding pipings  
Main pumps 3 variable-displacement, swash plate type axial piston pumps
Main pumps Max. oil flow 3 x 495 L/min (3 x 130.8 US gpm, 3 x 108.9 lmp gpm)
Pilot pump Gear pump
Pilot pump Max. oil flow 63.0 L/min (16.6 US gpm,13.9 Imp gpm)

Relief Valve Settings


circuit 31.4 MPa (320 kgf/cm2, 4 550 psi)
Swing circuit 29.4 MPa (300 kgf/cm2, 4 270 psi)
Travel circuit 31.4 MPa (320 kgf/cm2, 4 550 psi)
Pilot circuit 5.2 MPa ( 53 kgf/cm2, 650 psi)

Hydraulic Cylinders

High-strength piston rods and tubes adopted. Cylinder cushion mechanisms are provided for boom, arm bucket and dump cylinders. Bucket cylinder of loading shovel is provided with protector.



Loading shovel  

Hydraulic Filters

All hydraulic circuits have high-quality hydraulic filters for protection against oil contamination and longer life of hydraulic components.


2 Implement Levers

Remote-controlled joystick hydraulic servo system. Right lever is for boom and bucket control, left lever for swing and arm control. For loading shovel, 2 pedals provided for opening/closing the bottom dump bucket.

2 Travel Levers with Pedals

Remote-controlled hydraulic servo system. Independent drive at each track allows counter-rotation of tracks.


Revolving Frame

A deep, full-reinforced box section. Heavy-gauge steel plates used for ruggedness.

Deck Machinery

Maintenance accessibility is the major feature in the layout of deck machinery. Sidewalks provide easy access to engines, hydraulic and electrical components.

Swing Mechanism

2 high-torque, axial-piston motors with planetary reduction gear bathed in oil. Swing circle is single-row, shear-type ball bearing with induction-hardened internal gear. Internal gear and pinion gear immersed in lubricant. Swing parking brake is spring-set, hydraulic-released disc type.

Swing speed 5.8 min-1 (rpm)

Operator's Cab

Steel construction with integrated, falling-object-protective structure meeting SAE FOPS. Independent, pressurized, 1 100 mm (3'7") wide, 1 900 mm(6'3") high, roomy 3.46 m3 (4.53 d3) cab with tinted-glass windows features all-round visibility. Spring-suspension-type, fully-adjustable reclining seat with armrests; movable with or without front and swing control levers by slide. Instrument and control panel is built in cab wall is in easy range of the operator. Powerful fresh air ventilation type air conditioner. Cool-and-hot box and rotatable blower louvers also serve as defrosters. Thus, rapid air-conditioning can be achieved for operator comfort. Fluid-filled elastic-mounting and sound-proofing structure to reduce noise level and vibration.

Noise level 78 dB(A) in the cab; on max. engine speed under no-load condition.



Tractor-type undercarriage. Bolt linkage for side frame assures durability. Heavy-duty track frame of all-welded, stress-relieved structure. Top-grade materials used for toughness. Lifetime-lubricated induction-hardened track rollers, idlers and sprockets with floating seals. Track shoes of cast steel with double grousers. Double strut reinforced track links with track guards. Hydraulic (grease) track adjusters with shock absorbing recoil springs.

Tractor-type Undercarriage

Double grouser track shoes of induction-hardened cast steel.

Shoe width 710 mm (28") standard
900 mm (35") optional for Backhoe attachment only

Numbers of Rollers and Shoes (each Side)

Upper rollers 3
Lower rollers 8
Track shoes 52

Traction Device

Each track driven by a high-torque, axial piston motor through planetary reduction gears, allowing counter rotation of the tracks. Easily replaceable sprockets. Parking brake of spring-set, hydraulic-released disc type.

Travel speeds Low : 0 to 2.4 km/h (1.5 mph)
High : 0 to 3.5 km/h (2.2 mph)
Maximum traction force 618 kN (63 000 kgf, 138 900 lbf)
Grade ability 35 degrees (70 %) max.



EX1200-5D: Equipped with 9.1 m (29'10") boom, 3.4 m (11'2") arm, and 5.0 m3 (6.54 d3; PCSA heaped) bucket

EX1200-5D BE-front: Equipped with 7.55 m (24'9") BE-boom, 3.4 m (11'2") BE-arm, and 6.5 m3 (8.50 d3; PCSA heaped) bucket

Loading Shovel

Equipped with 6.5 m3 (8.5 d3;PCSA heaped) bottom dump bucket



Boom and arm are all-welded, low-stress, full-box section design. Bucket of all-welded high-strength steel structure, side clearance adjust mechanism is provided on the bucket joint brackets.

Two-points support-type boom cylinder pin linkage  
Double lip pin seals (in all portions) plus O-ring with protector ring at arm top and link A  
Helilock bucket teeth  
Flexible pin at the arm tip  
Wear-resistant plate at the arm-tip boss  
BE (Bulk Excavation) front BE-front: The EX1200-5D BE-front is designed and manufactured as a production-oriented machine. Its features include a short arm and boom, large-capacity bucket, large-digging force and superb digging / loading capability.



Boom and arm are all-welded, low-stress, high-tensile strength steel full-box section design. Efficient, automatic level crowding achieved by one-lever control because parallel link mechanism keeps the bucket digging angle constant, and level cylinder circuit maintains the bucket height constant (Auto-Leveling Crowd Mechanism).

Dual-support-type boom/arm/bucket pin linkage  
Double lip pin seals plus O-ring with protector ring at arm top  

Bucket (PCSA heaped 2:1)

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