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Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia Pty Ltd introduces the NEW JOHN DEERE G SERIES MOTOR GRADER - Finally something your operators and service staff can agree on

24 Aug, 2009

The new John Deere G Series motor graders are an evolution of John Deere’s proven and highly regarded graders. Designed and built in the USA by John Deere, the company that built the first articulated grader, the G Series introduces a number of enhancements that will satisfy both operators and service personnel.

There are five models in the G Series: the tandem drive 670G and 770G, and the six wheel drive 672G, 772G and 872G. All models are available in either a standard (G) or Grade Pro (GP) configuration.


The G Series lets you decide how the work gets done. Choose from traditional mechanical lever controls, or opt for the new Grade Pro system, with eight low- effort armrest-mounted fingertip levers. Both systems use the industry standard control layout that experienced operators are already familiar with. A steering wheel is standard on both systems, with Grade Pro models having the choice of lever steering as well. With either system operators are able to maintain travel speeds when fine grading or roading.

In addition, Grade Pro also provides productivity enhancing features such as cross-slope control, integrated grade control and automatic return- to-straight. Automatically controlling blade and articulation functions mean both experienced and new operators are more productive. Grade Pro also allows for the seamless integration of your preferred laser control system.

The 672, 772 and 872 (in both G and GP) feature six wheel drive, allowing the operator to set the front wheels to turn at the same speed, faster or slower than the rear tandems. More and more contractors are finding that a smaller grader with six wheel drive can do the work of a larger tandem drive machine.

Large capacity Tier 3 compliant engines with common rail fuel injection and variable geometry turbochargers are used on all models. With high torque the G Series are able keep pushing under heavy loads, while still providing low running costs. To make use of all this extra torque, John Deere uses an automatic differential lock that can be engaged continuously, and automatically disconnects when turning.

The G Series uses the smoothest shifting powershift transmission on the market. With Event Based Shifting it senses the load on the engine, as well as other inputs, to determine the optimum shift time when the operator selects a new gear.


Serviceability has also been improved; John Deere’s NeverGrease™ technology provides greaseless pin joints in many locations, reducing greasing by 56%, as well as keeping joints tighter for longer, more productive operation. All daily checks and refuelling can be done from ground level for ease of service.

The transmission, axle oil, and hydraulic filters have been grouped with diagnostic sample ports in a convenient space for ease of service and lower cost of ownership. With adjustable moldboard circle wear inserts you can return to factory specs in minutes. This allows greater precision, particularly when using laser control systems.

The cooling package is easy to keep clean. The hydraulically driven fan can be programmed to reverse at preset intervals to reduce blockages. When cleaning is required, both the fan and coolers swing out of the way for easy access. The cooling fan speed varies depending on cooling demand, for lower bystander and operator noise levels, as well as lower fuel consumption and faster engine warm up.

The colour LCD monitor gives pushbutton access to a wealth of machine information, including vital and general operating conditions and diagnostic codes. It can also be equipped with an optional rear view camera, increasing rear visibility. The monitor can be located in two different positions, either directly in front of the operator, or on the right hand ROPS post.

The sealed switch module activates all functions, as well as providing keyless start and anti-theft security. Each operator can be set up with their own access code, allowing usage to be monitored where desired. The switches are sealed keeping dirt, dust and moisture out for greater reliability.

Model Weight
Blade Length
Engine Power
kw @
Rated RPM

Torque Rise
Tandem Drive
670G / GP 18591 3660 6090H 116 - 145 @
72 45 / 45
770G / GP 18781 4270 6090H 123 - 172 @
63 45 / 45
Six Wheel Drive
672G / GP 19360 4270 6090H 127 - 145 @
72 45 / 45
772G / GP 19604 4270 6090H 145 - 175 @
55 45 / 45
872G / GP 20443 4876 6090H 160 - 205 @
53 45 / 45

For more information on the John Deere G Series Motor Grader range phone 1300 448 2244

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